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I've recently gotten into Affiliate Marketing, I say recently but since 2009 I've been playing with it here and there. But I've now decided that I need to make it work and turn my campaigns profitable, whereas before I'd just give up after a month or so.

What I'm struggling with is Facebook Ads, or at least I think that's the issue. I have a clickfunnels funnel that has the following set up

Facebook Ad - Opt in page - Thank You page (with a video and an offer), then I have a 3 day email sequence promoting the offer again and of course sending the lead magnet upon sign up.

The product on offer is a clickbank product in the weight loss niche. I have split tested my facebook ad in terms of the audience, narrowing it down to one interest and targeting the UK.

Currently I am using the conversion objective and tracking purchases - the CPM is currently $21 and the CPC is $0.70. Out of the 7 clicks I've gotten, only one person has opted in which is quite a bad opt in rate?

The product I'm promoting has a $37 commission so I'm really hoping I can at least break even with initial sales and make my profit with the email followups, is this realistic?
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