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Hi All

I writing over to see if some one can help with Instagram Shadowban.

my acount got shadowban after using NinjaGram bot.

I've been following all the tips only line and seems like the ban is off BUT
when looking on the posts anazlitics i see i get 10-20 views from the tags,
white it used to be 5000 - 20,000 views form tags before the ban

anyone got some tips about a possibale way fixing this ?

#instagram #shadowban
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    the most appropriate way to change this first make your account private for few days then again change it to public account.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ankush Mittal
    try contacting instagram

    and donot post for some days.

    delete all your tags in previous post and donot use lots of tags and also use tags in comments .

    and f these thing don't help try searching on google because its really ahrd t share all that but i have shared with which others have gotten results
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    Try to be less aggressive when posting from now on, less hashtags, try to delete the followers that are fake, change the credentials and disconnect everything from Ninja Gram.
    By the way, is it true that Infinicore (another popular IG growth tool) was shut down? Their website doesn't work, and I've also found this post on Quora:

    In the future, avoid using such apps, try to find reliable ones. I was using above mentioned app and it didn't help, it actually reduced my engagement rate.
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    Yeah best would be to private the account for a while and then turn it back public or temporarily disable the account and restore it back.
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    The best advice... don't use flippin bots.. as good as it may be.. dealing with this not so fun now is it?
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    This problem can not be solved, you need a new account
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      this answer is based on what?
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  • Try to make your account more organic as possible.
    Delete a mount of hashtags, if you have them and clean a little a list of your subscribers.
    If it doesn't work try to create a new account and choose carefully your bots and helpers.
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    You should wait some time before keep posting.
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    the bot could be the problem. it might look like you are spamming


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