Facebook Ads 'poor ads experience': Is there a way to find out what exactly triggers it?

by DDMM52
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Hello everyone!

I was hoping you could help me decypher this riddle. For the past two weeks, I've been getting 'poor ads experience' on every ad I tried running. They all run to the same landing page. It's a landing page I've been working with for quite a while..

I've tried editing the copy on the ad and the landing page countless times and no matter what I do, the ad is flagged with poor exprience the second it starts to deliver. It's like the crawler already knows what's happening on my landing page.

So the question is, is there a way to learn what exactly Facebook flagged on my landing page? I could just go in the HTML and move some stuff around but it's a huge peice of code! I've tested this landing page to the bone and it's converting best the way it is so changing the design is something I truly wish to avoid.

Any tip will help! Thanks guys!!
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  • If you believe your ads will convert well, you should consider advertising in search engines platform which have higher conversion rate.
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    This is caused by a negatif advertising score.

    A rating based on the number of times your audience hid your ad or otherwise indicated a negative experience such as choosing not to see ads from you. When negative feedback is high it means people don't want to see this ad.

    If this is the case. Fb will automatically rank your campaigns with the same score.

    The challenge will be getting out of there, which a lot of people fail at most of the time.

    Can you tell us more about your campaigns? That will help defining what the issue might be.
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      Thank you for your reply!

      Based on what you are saying... if several of my campaigns have negative feedback on them, the entire account's score starts to go down and it will take more positive, well-performing campaigns to get FB's trust back to it?

      I could see how and why people report my ads. It's in the weight-loss niche which is always a sensitive issue. I've tried to switch ad account, modify the copy both on the ad and the quiz but the 'poor ads experience' still appears the second the ads start to deliver. It's like the FB algorithm knows the landing page is crap. I've also debugged other landing pages and it only seems to come down to this specific landing page which is a real bummer bcz it converts great...
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    Hi there!

    Facebook like other social media platforms bases a lot of their algorithms on relevancy. If the landing page is not relevant to the ad then it would score poorly. I would suggest going back to your landing page and check to make sure that it is SEO optimized with relevant keywords to your demographic and industry, also check that there is consistency in what you are advertising vs. what the prospect will actually see once they land on your page. If you can clean this up you should see things improve.
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      That is an interesting thought but how would you handle keywords that are somewhat taboo? Let's say you are promoting a relationship info product from Clickbank or in the IM niche where all the headlines are like "Make 7 figure a month using this method"

      The FB algo will probably rip it in half wouldn't you say?
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    Howdie! Try looking into this.


    Here is a quick summary of what can entice people to have a negative experience with you fb ad: (Fb says if you try to avoid this, you'd be fine)
    • Ads that purposefully withhold information are ones that entice someone to click a link in order to understand the full context of something.
    • Sensationalism includes using exaggerated headlines or commanding a reaction from people to a degree that creates an unexpected experience when people click to a landing page.
    • engagement baits
    • Lack substantive or original content
    • Use a disproportionate volume of ads relative to content.
    • Use pop-up ads or interstitial ads.
    • Provide an unexpected content experience.
    • Sexually suggestive or shocking content.
    • Malicious or deceptive ads.
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      Totally appreciate it! I am trying to stay away from those things and be as transparent as possible, not make claims that are not reasonable and use language that is collective. Stuff like: "This may help" instead of "this is 100% bullet-proof"
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    Something I learned from a webinar . . . doing FB ads that are articles, can result in less than half the ad spend per sale.

    The reason is that users much prefer to read an interesting article than get sold something, so they respond better to the ads, so FaceBook gives you a better deal, etc.

    The basic process is to get high quality articles on your site, post them on a FB Page (with some ad spend on each if your page doesn't get enough traffic) and whichever ones get the best stats, use the same content on FB ads.

    Hope that helps


    If you have experience with paid traffic, or have a mailing-list or social-media following (niches: business, finance, money, MMO, IM), I may be able to get you access to one of the highest-converting offers ever made . . . $799.65 sales per webinar attendee from one mailing-list.

    PM me NOW for more info !
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      I have to be honest Chris, I've tried articles many times but I feel like today, people read less and less and getting their attention hooked with a Headline that isn't a clickbait is sooo hard. Also, feels like people don't really read anymore and people don't go on Facebook to read... That's in the past.

      Even if I managed to get their attention, having a banner or some call to action in the middle/bottom isn't converting as much. When trying to optimize for conversions, the prices are usually the same anyway since we are all competing over purchases.

      I have blog posts with high-quality articles and/or videos packed with links and I do see clicks but barely any conversions... Today I'm using a quiz since it gets the user more engaged...

      I still appreciate your answer and I always look to improve my campaigns and learn how I can get more conversions for lowers costs so thank you!
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    As far as i am concerned FB ads are definitely the way to go for paid ads. Just know that you can fine tune FB ads for very specific targeting, so its best to learn all about their ad system before you start using them

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