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Hi guys I'm new here and new to digital marketing I'm based in the north east England, my friend has a plumbing business and he has asked me to help him promote his business online . I have a website designed by a very good local web developer and friend, I have set up facebook business page and i had us listed on local listing such as checkatrade & yell and a couple of free local directories i have claimed our google business page and have updated all the basic information. I think i have covered the very basics reasonably well. I understand that is all i done to this point though "the very basic's"

I like to progress beyond this now and start growing the client base i have two clear goals one i like to educate myself in digital marketing take some classes earn some qualifications ( this can come in time but certainly looking to learn and educate myself as i go )t my primary aim is to grow the business online and offline in particular we are looking to increase our boiler installs . One of my questions is this, ill assume when people look for a local plumber they go to google and type plumber near me. Now we are listed in the top 3 for local plumbers in my area for the local search and map ( i know they randomise the search a bit ) but in general we are in there we been up and running about 4 weeks now and i not had a single email enquiry from google local business i had a couple of direct messages on our facebook business which has 250 followers again i know this inst a huge amount and we like to grow our members to a minimum of 1k in the next 3 months. The majority of our work apart from the obvious word of mouth comes from the paid search directories and a couple from Is there anyone out there with direct knowledge of the UK Plumbing industry for residential who can help me our local tradesmen from the UK who could point me in the right direction.

I have a lot more questions but right now i think this gives a feel for where i am at and hopefully can generate some decent discussion on how i can progress

Kind Regards

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    Hey Ralph,

    Pretty awesome what you're trying to do!

    I believe a good rule of thumb to start with your marketing strategy will be first to ask one question: What do I do best that no plumber else does in the UK? That's basically your competitive advantage.

    After that, I would pour out awesome content in Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. With awesome content, I mean to change the plumbers game, be one of the firsts to make short videos on quick tips to identify any plumbing issues, easy DIY things you can do to fix your plumbing or your top recommended pipes. People value free content. You will make yourself known and give your potential audience a reason to call YOU instead of any other plumber.

    Then, I'd run FB/Instagram Ads. I'd recommend to read some info before running them because it's not at easy as it seems, you need to comply with several regulations but this is not rocket science. Believe me, if I see a FB ad on a plumber who does regular content, that will be the first thing I'll remember whenever I need one.

    After getting some jobs for this, I'd ask my customers if they are willing to say or write a short testimonial for video or comments in my social media. With this you'll have the core things to solidify your social media brand and run more strong ads: free content and proof of work.

    With this, word of mouth will be a piece of cake. You will set yourself apart. Always remember that in marketing, it's better to focus on the benefits you offer more than exalting your product or service. It's not the same to say "I can fix pipes" than "I can make YOU forget about those leaking pipes"

    Hope this helps,
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    Consider doing Google call-only ads . . . most people don't know about them so you can typically get a call for the same price as a click to a website, and even a very good website is unlikely to convert clicks to enquiries at even 20%.


    If you have experience with paid traffic, or have a mailing-list or social-media following (niches: business, finance, money, MMO, IM), I may be able to get you access to one of the highest-converting offers ever made . . . $799.65 sales per webinar attendee from one mailing-list.

    PM me NOW for more info !
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      Thank you Chris this is useful info i wasn't aware of mate.
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