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Looking to promote to customers using marketing newsletters on Whatsapp.

Looking some advice from knowledgeable marketers.

Lets say I have 10 UK audiences which I want to promote deals to. For example, Dog owners in London is one audience, dog owners in Glasgow is second audience and so on. So each group member has an interest ( dog owning ) and a geographical area ( specific to the group) . I am trying to find a way in Whatsapp to send promotions to each audience/ person in each audience. So the audience from Glasgow will get promotions related specifically to Glasgow, the audience from Manchester will get promotions specific to Manchester and so on.

Each audience could be between 5 - 20k people.

I have seen a few solutions from European companies - Messenger people, ATMS (Whatsatool). Found one company in UK called campaignUP.

Anyone using this form of marketing and can recommend a company to supply service?

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