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Has anyone found the way to post Instagram Ads THROUGH THE APP without just the objective of Traffic?

If using the Facebook for Business platform, I'm able to do it, but all ads turn into dark posts, which is not the goal. My goal is to run an ad to get likes that STAY on the post.

Anyone can shed some light my way? I'm highly frustrated at this point and Facebook's chat support is of no help.
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    Just use AdBlock and don't worry..
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    Yes Ad-blocker is best to ignore ads.
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  • I suggest to try different browser. I had similar problem with facebook ads when I was using Google Chrome.
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    If you use FB manager It won't stay as a post even in facebook. If you add them manually you have limitations that can only be overcome by FB manager. this or that. That is all. You can try adding them from the app as an additional one which will stay in your profile. I guess that would be of minimum value as you are looking to grow your likes. So the wise choice is to promote to 'add followers' and then use the app for likes to boost it further.
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