Best Instagram app to gain more followers?

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I noticed that many Instagram accounts with 5K+ followers seem to follow me when I follow someone else and/or they like one of my Instagram posts. They do this to gain more followers and it looks like a good idea.

What is the best Instagram app to gain more followers?
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    - Commenting genuinely on folk's updates
    - Liking updates
    - publishing eye-popping photos
    - hitting 30 hash tags related to your niche.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    focus on your content be more interactive with your audience and you will gain good results.
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    While not an app, this might still help grow your account.

    It's called the "$1.80 Instagram Strategy" by Gary V... check it out here:

    Kevin "Grind Boss" Ocasio
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    create sharp images, creative hashtags, location tags and posts that are relatable to your audience.
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    The method about which you are talking about is called Follow/Unfollow. To get some new followers you just need to follow accounts which are connected you your niche (by hastags or by following of a specific account), and after few days unfollow these ones who didn't followed you back.
    If you are loking for app to automate this process, I can recommende you Jarvee or GMT2.
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    The "best Instagram app to gain followers" is hard work. All it takes is for you to make thoughtful comments on at least 9 -10 post a day and put out good content. What i just shared with you is a simple method that is effective but underused.Get busy and build the connections.
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    No. Don't do that. I used to buy followers too. But then I realize it's just a number. They don't even react to my post and mostly they're just like a ghost. They are there, but it feel like they are not.

    Instead, you should focus on how to gain it organically. For example, you can insert tags when you post it.

    Just keep doing what you are doing now follow people and like their post.
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    You want targeted traffic to whatever your niche is. Try Instagram story ads, I am getting around 200-300 new followers per day on a $5 per day budget, out of that I get around 50 leads from my bio link. Profit.
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    Honestly, Instagram has evolved quite a bit and now the algorithm can pretty accurately predict if you have fake follows/followers.

    The best way, that I have learned is to look at the top profiles for your niche/industry and see what kind of hashtags work for them?
    What types of posts do they usually post? Do they post in a certain order (ex. quotes on mondays, lifestyle on wednesdays & biz stuff on fridays, etc)? Model what is working in your niche.
    Be consistent.
    You'll notice that the larger accounts with lots of followers usually post consistently - every day, or every 2, 3 days, etc.

    4-Day Affiliate Marketing Training For Beginners:

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