Posting Raw affiliate links on my facebook, twitter, instagram.

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So for my niche i have a good sized audience and have provided much value in facebook groups and pages. I'm looking to monetize more to grow the brand, and have raw linked a cbd affilate link into my bio's and profile, and on groups and pages.

What's your opinion on this? Is this not a good luck or chill to do? I also have an email list but not sure if I should share there.

Thanks so much for all wonderful responses.
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  • You can share affiliate links to your email list but not on FB because affiliate links will be removed by the system. Instead, you should use a landing page to do so.
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    Much better to link to your landing page offering a lead magnet, then redirect them to the affiliate link later - so you generate commissions while building a list.

    Plus, as the user above mentioned, affiliate links (esp. domains that are heavily spammed by other users) tend to have a poor score with FB therefore are prone to get removed pretty quickly.
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    I agree with the people above. It is safer to add a link to your own domain where you have installed SSL certificate (CloudFlare for free). If you have a problem building LP, I recommend free creations sites like mobirise.
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    Does the raw affiliate link even go through? I'd think that facebook would catch it immediately.

    I think that you should send first over to an email capture page straight off, that you can host in your own domain. Use something like wordpress + thrive, lead pages, clickfunnels or builderall, and add the person to the list.

    Also, if you already have a list, i don't see why you wouldn't try to also contact them, straight away too (unless you know the audience isn't interested)
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    Monetizing and growing a brand is a different thing and require different aspects. Besides linking to direct affiliate link wont be a best idea since most of the affiliate company wont love social media traffic since that is not the best source.

    So best would be to mask it with a landing page, capture emails and see how you can monetize them.
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    Creating an email capture page using a hosted website is the best way to go with the audience you have built. It will save you from any problems with Facebook and get you more sign ups that you can monetize for years to come.

    If you don't have the money to pay for a domain name or hosting account, well there are many ways to start online now with free domain name and hosting ...when you start making some money you can upgrade to the more effective platforms
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    Well you can share them but not directly as you will get banned .instead use a landing ppage or a blog article and put your aff link inside article
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