facebook groups so much harder to grown in 2019

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How are you guys still growing your groups. I'm doing mainly from contests now a day but it's a lot harder now that you can't just add people to the group.

Let's share tips and how have you guys adapted to there new strategies.
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    Most of the user prefer joining fb group within a specific niche. And most people leave fb groups because of spam and irrelevant information.
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    Relevant content, good daily interaction, quality users make a quality group.
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    Content - Content - Content. It's always about content. That's how you get people's attention. People share valuable content and they subscribe/join fb groups for valuable content.

    Promoting contests is one way to increase growing a FB group, but there are so many additional ways and I would recommend doing all of them....as long as there is quality content behind everything.

    I'm not sure what kind of group you have, but you the admin can promote or highlight specific group members for accomplishments/achievements. People love being put on pedestals in front of their peers.

    Videos. Engaging questions like a forum. Challenges (not the same as contests).

    You can also drive traffic from other social media outlets to your FB group. I don't know if you have a Youtube channel or a blog or IG page related to your FB group, but they should be all linked together. That provides a much farther organic reach.

    All of this is nothing though if you don't keep putting our regular quality content in that FB group. Reverse the situation...what keeps you subscribed in any particular FB group? What do you like about that group? Do some reverse engineering for FB groups that you already are in and see what they have in common.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
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  • Write a post on your blog or FB Page and drop a link to the FB group. If you have budget, then simply create a new ad by boosting your post.
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    It is for sure a slow start at first. But, once people start adding value in form of content, visual posts, videos in relation to a particular niche. So, focus on quality at first, quantity will come running your way.
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    It's too hard to join or publish some content or picture on facebook nowadays because of facebook restriction about posting something in group or page are limited and also paid and one reason more the group most people are fake and posting irrelevant data sharing on it so people are exit facebook for this reason mostly.
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    In one word awesome quality content
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      Agreed. The people with great content aren't finding it that hard.
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    I am not managing any group personally myself but the trick to grow a group is to provide awesome content and be active most of the time to weed out the ones who arent worthy and help the ones who are needy.
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