Let's Compare our Strategies for Using Facebook Groups to Get Leads and Customers

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Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro here - still kind of a newbie warrior - been going through a ton of training about on-line marketing the past few months - talking with lots of people, some very successful -- and a key strategy which I think can work well is to create a fb group to share your product or service - this is what I am doing now - via some training with a young genius in the UK.

His training deals with attraction marketing and as I have been going through his course, it is starting to work, much better then any other marketing technique I have seen.

So I thought why not put out a post to see what other warriors are doing with facebook groups - again if some of you saw my post on a business a person can do with little funds upfront, this could be a strategy that could help what I call the "Little Person" see abundance ...

are any other warriors using Facebook Group - what results have you seen? what are you doing in the groups? And is there some warriors who have't used a facebook Group and are thinking about it.

Ultimately I plan to write a book to help the little person, and now I have more ammunition with this facebook thing ... marketing and all the options we have is pretty amazing ...

to a remarkable and exciting 2019 for all warriors
I like this line very much - Quitters never Win and Winners never Quit

Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro
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    Facebook groups are all about good content, if you have good content you will get good members and overall good group.
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      jmosticc22 -- thank you for responding - I agree with your statement 100% - could you share what type of good content you are sharing with your group members? have a great day - Joshua
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    Every day I share posts and link with Facebook Group. Can this be done in the Facebook group?
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      Claire - Facebook does not like for you to share links that take people out of Facebook, it has a build in algorthim (misspelled) that if it sees a link - only a few people will see your post - if you go into a facebook group where everyone and their mother is sharing their business opportunities - no one pays attention - taking a training now showing me another way with attraction marketing ... hope this helps - Joshua
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    if you create a group make sure and share at least 1 quality piece of content a day. That will draw viral shares and members organically over time.
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      Thanks onlinebizsol - very true - especially if it is a quality or value piece of a content, enough members will share it -- thank you for your feedback - is there any other aspect to having a fb group that you are doing that is helping you to build your group?
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        1) I guess kinda goes without saying, in your daily content share to the group (which you can automate) try to share quality and relevant content items that are already viral - finding/creating this content is a discussion unto itself and depends on your group.

        2) Again depending on the group, always have a "join mailing list" button or "Learn More" button that goes to your website.
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          onlineb - how are you automating your content to your fb group - just listen to some training by Eric Worre who reminded me to share articles, and videos from other sources linked to the theme or interviews

          and yes I forgot about the buttons - how do you setup that button - seems to me in some of the groups or pages I did before FB just asked me to add such a button

          thank you so much for sharing these insights - Joshua
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