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I've created a pinterest board a month ago and start posting each hour our a 2 posts from my website to the pinterest (images are unique), that means that every day i'm posting 48 pins to my pinterest board that goes to my website.

All pins on the board are unique. ( I don't repin the old pins).

But i had in the first week some saves and likes (i had something like 20 - 80 link clics per day) ... etc but in the next week i've seen a big engagement (many saves , many link clics , many impressions .... etc ) and the link clics were like 300 - 1000 link click per day. And after that by 1 week i've seen a huge drop (to 1 link click per day).

All the pins in that board were from my website.

Can i know the reason of the drop ?
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    Hope, you are still pinning the images the same way what you are doing before like timing, image quality, content etc.

    You can analyze the Pinterest insight report like which images get the maximum post rich & engagement then you will have a better idea of what you need to do next.

    Also, you need to increase the followers that are relevant to your service.

    Hope this will help!

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    is this fix your drop?
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    To be honest its normal in Pinterest, It could be possible that on that day some user may have repinned your pin to a big board and you gained that much traction.
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    Hi friend,

    I am quite experienced regarding to Pinterest Marketing, indeed 95% traffic from my blog is from that source.

    For what i have read you state you have 1 board and publish i pin on every 2 hours... so 24 pins per day. sure you can do it but that is not the best practice.

    I suggest that you create around 20 boards related to the same topic in different angles, that way you can publish different pins targeting the same post (typically i suggest to have 3-5 pins per post) and then start delaying the same post around 3-4 days... the Pinterest game is not about speed its about consistency.

    Use 3:2 format pins to me work quite well 600x900 and use premium images with great titles (you will need to do some a/b testing).

    Another thing is to use highly relevant and engaging group boards and be consistent there, to me group boards bring me a lot of traffic.

    Pin 1 per day maximum in each group board so you dont become too spammy.

    The issue about decay of traffic with Pinterest is about not having fresh pins... i have tested this a lot and if you have fresh pins published daily, weekly, whatever will boost your traffic.

    I hope it helps.
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    There is no special thing. It happens on every social media accounts
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    This type of issues happening on all social media platforms.
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