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Hey guys,

I have been building my Pinterest account for about a year now and it has gotten pretty large. I have about 2,400,000 monthly viewers and my pins have a monthly engagement of almost 200,000.

I wanted to know in your experience, what is the best way to monetize this account?

The page is in the wealth and luxury niche.

I currently use it to promote my affiliate site and that brings in about $200-$250/month.

I feel like I could get a lot more creating a luxury Shopify site (Watches maybe) or just sell shoutouts or advertising for other people.

Every day I get about 300-400 click from Pinterest and that is growing every day. I'm thinking I could get it to a 1,000 clicks a day if I optimize how often I post.

One week I really tried to optimize my account, posting every 3-4 hours and got 800 a day.

Should I just try other ways to monetize it? The only thing to lose is time and maybe some money.

What are your thoughts?

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    Yeah, starting a shopify store would be a good idea. With that amount of traffic, you can earn some good money.
    But, before that, how you're promoting your affiliate site? do you send them directly to your affiliate link? or you collecting their emails? It's better to optimize what bring you money currently, before switch to another type of business.
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    Has anyone ever approached you about influencing other peoples products? I would definitely look into becoming an influencer.
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  • Pinterest is definitely good for promoting ecommerce products. What are the products you promote using the affiliate site currently and what kind of post are you using?
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    You can motivating your picture[gif, animated] and short videos with short content. I hope that you will getting the better result.
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  • Wealth and Luxury is a good niche if your audience can convert setting up a sub-niche based store would be a good idea or just an affiliate website with ads.
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    If you dont have a website build one about your Niche and use it to capture leads, sell affiliate offers and also to do content marketing.

    300-400 visits its not much, but you can scale it to reach 5k-10k daily visitors and when you achieve that you will be in condition to join a top tier ad network (ex. Mediavine or Adthrive) where you can get easily $8-$10 per RPM up to $30 RPM ... insane right! but its true.
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    I'm running a dropshipping store and I noticed that traffic from Pinterest converts extremely well, you should really try it.
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