Best practice for getting listers on a Marketplace to share their listing on social.

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I'm a marketer for a new online marketplace.

I want to look at ways of maximising the amount of listers (with our marketplace) who share their listing on their social channels (FB, Twitter and Instagram). I want to do this for two reasons:

-will increase the chances of their product selling
-will help create awareness for our marketplace's brand

Question> Does anyone know of online marketplaces that currently do this really well?


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    I think all of the big time marketplaces do this really well, there are many of them that utilize social media platforms. The ones that come to mind are Etsy, Shutterfly and Bonanza.
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  • Most business owners use social media platform to advertise their service or product social media has so much power
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    I didn't understand the reasons that you listed they do not make sense to me.
    Are you sure that you marketplace receives the amount of traffic and buyers that could keep sellers engaged?
    If yes then you shouldn't have issues getting listers. Also you need to have unique features that would make your marketplace stand out otherwise you will be lost.
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      Hi Michael. Thanks for your response. Yes we get lots of traffic. But we want to get more. If people post their listing among their social communities its a more authentic marketing channel (earned media). Cheers.
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