How do you scale properly on facebook?

by ncloud
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I've heard that if the pocket of people you're tapped into, with your ad, is making you money then you don't want to change anything. That if you change how much you're spending per day it can mess up the results you're getting because it will show your ad to a different pocket of people. So then how you do you scale up properly?

If you create a second ad with a higher spend per day to run along side your first ad, I would think it would also show to a different pocket of people, so how do you scale properly?
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  • Yeah its true that if the ad is going good then you try not to change things since that can make or break things easily.

    Usually after an ad set does well, I try to breakdown the targeting into more levels so that I could eventually lower down the money I pay per click or what ever the end result in that way you can save money running ads for long time.

    Also Its always suggested to run 5-10 ad sets at a time so that you dont lose out on anything.
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    That has happened to me before. Making a small amount of money with a campaign, then I try to scale and it falls apart.
    The only workaround I've found is to segment and scale the campaign based on location targeting.
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