What to do if your facebook ads are getting denied?

by AtBat
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My facebook ad is getting denied for a reason that is not relevant. I filled out the appeal explaining that this reason does not apply to me, yet my appeal was rejected.

I got an email that says: Go to Ads Manager and find your rejected ad. Select Edit to view the rejection reason. Next, select Certify Compliance and follow the certification steps.

But when I go there the certify compliance option is not there.

Anyone know where to go from here, how to contact facebook support?
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    Sorry to hear of your problem with Facebook. However if you Google "contact Facebook support" you will find quite a number of options listed for contacting Facebook including telephone numbers.

    Good luck with getting your problem resolved.

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    I have not seen or heard of problems like this getting resolved efficiently. Can you just create a new ad and move on? Sometimes it's easier and more productive to just try a different ad rather than get the original one back online. It can save you a lot of time.
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    I will recommend checking out the delivery troubleshooting tips and trying each suggestion from the help center of facebook
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    my facebook ads got denied for bs reasons as well but you need to be more persuasive and sounds like you are on a right path and not breaching against any fb ads term. Well i did that and i was clearly breaching fb term but my ads got approved
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