Twitter Ads Always Giving Error

by AtBat
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No matter what, when I try to submit a Twitter ad I get the following error:

Hmmm... something went wrong. Please try again. (trace: 002ae43000f4bed7)

I have tried multiple browsers, multiple computers, multiple credit cards, and multiple accounts. Always the same. Twitter support wont help. Anyone else ever dealt with this?
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    I would start with simple troubleshooting, if you haven't already done this. List formatting, Spacing, Start and End Dates and Ad group budgets.
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    Check the budget rate and check the Date and also use proper content and also use actual image size for the ads .
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    I'm having this exact problem too, and it's sending me insane.

    "Hmmm... something went wrong. Please try again. (trace: "

    The gall of Twitter is quite incredible here:

    - no guide to what's going on or why the campaign isn't launching
    - no clues as to what to change/edit
    - no live chat or phone support
    - followed by a brazen, final kick in the nuts of "we can't help, bugger off" auto responder email...'s YOUR frickin bug?!! Hello?? We are paying (or seeking to pay) YOU.

    What a joke. Has anyone cracked this successfully?

    "Let me explain something to you...that maybe you haven't realised...nobody threatens SAMCRO..."

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    I have been also the same experience user, I had face this error too but I was little surprise with error and hold my account for a while & then every thing was okay.
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    Anyone get anywhere with this? Driving me nuts and stumbled across this forum
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      Turn off any ad block plugin. Make sure it's turn off in every Twitter Ads page. You'll see your organic and promoted tweets after that.
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