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I have a single account for men's fitness niche
I was able to grow from a few 1oo to 3.000:
- using original content
- posting daily (sometimes 3X a day)
- using hashtags (always 30)
- follow/unfollow/like (using instazood)

I was very discouraged by the slow growth and took a 3 month hiatus, now I want to go back to work

a - How do I bring it up to 10.000?
b - what ratio of F/U should I use?
c - what bot do you recommend to automate posts, likes, F/U
d - do I need a proxy/VPN
e - any tips or anything that I am missing?

Thank you for your help.
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    If you have any other forms of social media make sure you promote your hashtag through those vehicles. Website, YouTube Channel, Facebook and email blasts.
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    Hey Hermogenes,

    Are you curating content at all? I'd recommend looking into using Engagement Groups and collaborating with other people in your niche.

    Men's fitness niche - you can mix up your content between workout clips (curated by other athletes or celebrities), photos of other fitness influencers, short-form educational videos, memes, etc. Not sure if you already have a pre-established niche but if you don't definitely pick one.

    Hashtags - make sure to rotate your hashtag sets and there has been speculation that the 30 hashtags doesn't work as well as it used to. I've seen people use anywhere between 5 to 20 now. A/B test and see how many people you're reaching from hashtags and if you're ranking in the top hashtag posts.

    I mostly have dealt with White Hat Instagram, so can't say much on the F/UF, Automation Methods, Etc.

    P.S. If it's more of a personal brand fitness page, it is a bit different - most fitness influencers follow an aesthetic like @stevecook @christianguzmanfitness etc but you can still curate & repost other content as long as it's done in good taste and you're crediting the original source.
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    Hey Buddy,
    There are so many ways to increase followers and increase likes and video views on Instagram.
    If you want the genuine people who can be your customer in future then it will take a bit long time. The process is;
    First you have to know your target market.
    After that you have to be so regular on the things which you see people are taking interest in.
    Then you need to follow the other big brands in your market and watch their working criteria. This can improve the thinking power.
    Also you have to aware about your competitors in the market; what they are doing, what are their next moves and all.
    This will take a bit of time but I am 100% sure this thing will work if consistency is maintained.

    But if you want fake followers and fake likes then there are so many companies and websites which provide as much followers and likes as you want. You only have to pay for that and you will definitely have the thing you need.
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    Well learn as much as you can about instagram marketing and dont use bots as instagram can detect this and it will hurt your rankings
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    Hey there bro! bringing it up to 10,000 is easy but you need to stop the follow and unfollow thing.

    You need to establish yourself as a fitness brand or figure and you need to post consistently, network with other big influencers or pay them some money to engage with your posts.

    When the big fitness influencers account engage with your post, most of their followers will see your post in their feed so if your content is good, you might gain a lot of followers just from that, that is how instagram algorithm works.

    They are called powerlikes and you can get them anywhere on telegram and on google now but high quality powerlikes are very hard to get but most of them get the job done if you want to grow your followers fast. The price should range between $150 to $300 per month.

    If you do not have the budget, just use hashtags properly 20-25 hashtags related to fitness niche and do not aim for the big hashtags, go for smaller one, which you would likely rank in the top 5 hashtags posts. (10k to 100k posts)

    If you follow this method, you will most likely get a lot of followers in the next couple of months. And most importantly stay consistent and do not give up
    In Depth Look at the All In One Free Online Business Tool and Training!
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    Share your instagram account others targeted audience like as: Twitter, VK, Redidt , Pinterest and others Social Media sites. I hope that it will be great for your work.

    It's true, follow-unfollow is a big region for increase followers. Keep to follow them which probably active, so follow them who like recent post. Like as 5 mins ago.
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    I would prefer not to use bots. Instagram is always on a crackdown for stuff like this and it could only be a matter of time before services that offer bots are taken down.

    a - doing collabs is a good way of increasing audience reach and growth.
    b -
    c -
    d - you don't need VPN if we're going legit
    e - know the pros and cons before considering the use of automation

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    I got a free review copy of an app called EngagerMate which builds an Instagram following. So far, so good. It's got me almost 500 new followers in the last 5 days. This is to season my account before the app puts its foot on the accelerator. I've no idea how "good" these followers ultimately are in terms of them becoming customers. Early days yet.
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    You've got to be very subtle with the bots. There are ways to that. But you can always use free apps or paid apps on the playstore to help boost your follower count. Those work. No doubt.
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    Hello, hope I'll get a good answer for you:
    a - Keep doing it, it's a good strategy to natural growing it.
    b - 0.7 for the first month, 0,9 for the second one, 1.0 for third one
    c - Jarvee, awesome tool to work with.
    d - Yes, one stable one for an account.
    e - Sometimes it's good to buy some likes to build one or two decent post from smmpanels.
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    Getting 10,000 followers on Instagram can be done in two ways organically and paid promotion.
    Doing it organically, the rate of followers increasing through organic means is slow but these followers are beneficial. There are various ways through which you can gain follower:
    1. Collaboration with the high brand you already have a high reach on Instagram.
    2. Get variation while uploading post.
    3. Promotion of your own product by conducting give away contest.
    4. Use hashtags which trending in your niche.
    5. Gaining shout out from high brands.
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    I was also want to know about it but not so much sure about hashtag and all those things about which you all are talking about. Hope this is fruitful for me, thanks to all of you.
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    Why do you want to have a large following? What are you trying to do? How are you trying to monetize your IG page? If you're just doing it for fun, then go ahead and use the bots and follow/unfollow stuff with caution.

    However, if you're trying to make bank with IG, it's going to be much better for you to drop the bots and actually put the work into building your list organically, the way a list should be built. Engage within your niche, become part of the community and put out valuable content.

    Your products will convert much better this way. I've always said, it's better to have 1000 passionate followers (and buyers) than 20,000 bots who can't buy anything from you. However, it's very difficult to convince people of this until they've experienced it. I have many friends who are successful at monetizing IG with a smaller following than other friends also trying to monetize IG with a very large following. They just can't get the same conversions because most of their followers are fake.
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