Instagram Influencers vs FB/IG Ads for women's fashion eCommerce brand?

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Hi all. My question is, what should be the focus of the marketing strategy for my women's fashion ecommerce brand: Instagram influencers or fb/IG ads?

My gut tells me to focus on instagram influencers, as it seems this is what most successful fashion stores do, such as Fashion Nova, Oh Polly, Tiger Mist, Hot Miami Styles etc. It works well because clothing can be easily promoted by influencers, as it's naturally always a part of every picture they post. Without a doubt, influencers will grow your IG page much faster, but will these followers turn to customers more so than those who become aware of the company through well executed FB/IG adverts?
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    I would say Influencers, You will be able to reach your audience quicker. You can expect an engagement rate around 3% which is double compared to other media platforms.
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    My suggestion will be Instagram influencers. As they have relevant fans and people are more active this marketing strategy will help your brand and business. Especially if it about fashion so this will work definetly
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    Comparing the Instagram influencers and FB/IG ads, I prefer influencers for marketing as a better strategy. Considering the user point of view, listening about the goodness of any brand or any product from a real person can prove to be more influential. There are plenty of ads on FB or Instagram, and the customer might not be able to detect which one is real and genuine. This is where getting a suggestion or recommendation by a real person can increase the trust factor.

    Moreover, the influencers have their followers; thus we don't have to search for the target audience of any particular niche. With the influencer marketing, the complete group of followers can be collectively targeted. There are people who are quite dedicated followers for these influencers and thus whenever the influencers appraise any product or suggest it on Instagram, and the followers will definitely look into it and possibly buy it too.
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    This is good to know as which one is best between Instagram influencers or FB/IG ads so I would also say to go with influencers as influencers working really great & most of, most of the ecommerce brand holders are working with influencers.

    So with influencers is the best than Ads.
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    Instead of chasing the results just because other brands have witnessed the same is not going to work every time. Before doing what big brands are doing, you must need to reach their level first. You can't copy what Apple is doing right now and you've just started but you can surely do what they have done when they have started.

    Influencer marketing takes bucks and if you are not short of resources then you should move further with it and if you want a few investments with stable ROI then Fb/IG Ads will be fine.
    Fb/IG Ads are a great push in my sense no matter what niche you are starting with.
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    From my experience, I want to say that Instagram influencer DOES work. Why? Because as you said, a lot of famous clothing brands are applying this tactic, and they got many good results.

    Take Gymshark as a typical example of turning influencers into their ambassadors and taking advantage of them. They've hit $128M of sales after six years of operation. Do they have any magical weapon? Nope!

    Read it: Gymshark's growth story - I think this is a very insightful article.

    Try to partner with some influencers in your industry, and you'll see positive changes you ever long for.
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    I'm easily favoring IG for your niche. Fashion relies heavily on quality photos and IG is the biggest social media photo based platform in the world. Combine that with influencers on IG in your niche and it beats FB/IG ads hands down in my opinion. You can also collab with influencers for free vs spending money on ads, so that's another plus.
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  • You can actually do both. It just depends on what you want to achieve with your ad campaign.

    If you're trying to reach out to a previously untapped market, IG/FB ads would be a good first step. The expanded reach can help build brand awareness.

    Then you tap specific influencers for conversion or specific add campaigns. Their endorsement would reinforce the messaging from your ads and help boost your business's reputation in the industry.
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    If you HAVE to choose between one or the other I would recommend instagram influencer. They're essentially giving you a positive review to everyone of their followers. Where as a facebook ad is just that, an advertisement. However, I would recommend using facebook ads to supplement your instagram influencer's if you have the money to do that.
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    Work with specific influencers who are also on the same niche. I've gotten good results with influencer marketing. Just a heads up, since there are now too many fake influencers, you need to be sure of who you pick to make the most out of your campaign.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Influencers can be amazing if you choose the right ones.

    Advertising can get you the traffic my not necessarily the conversions.

    I would invest in influencers and the Instagram platform for your niche and products.

    Get The Ultimate Instagram Marketing Guide from here ------->

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    I would do an experiment of 2 IG/FB ads and another one with the 2 chosen influencers you'd wanna start to work with..

    Influencer marketing is not a new trend just as digital ads weren't anything groundbreaking (given their predecessor the print ads, billboards and other forms of offline banners).

    Brands have been utilizing influencers and industry leaders in order to promote their products and services for quite some time and being honest I would prefer influencer marketing all the way..


    • Nowadays influencer marketing is superior compared to digital ads.
    • People Trust People
    • Adblockers Are Widely Used
    A good influencer marketing may also facilitate your business or brand more exposure and network growth in months, and position businesses higher than competitors that have been sponsoring outlets for many years..

    In addition to all notable benefits outlined above, influencer marketing can also boost your brand's website SEO through content marketing and various promotions (including PR and interviews), provide better analytics and tracking across different platforms, and include other forms of promotions such as a branded slide during a presentation led by an influencer.

    Moreover, entering a new niche may take years with traditional advertisement approach. Good luck
    More tips at Social Media Combo.
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