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Hi experts,

On LinkedIn, is it better to have a Company Page or a personal profile? What about a LinkedIn Group?

Need some serious advice
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    In my experience it's very hard to get followers for your company, unless you are Apple or Dell. It's because people want to connect with YOU, the business owner, not your company. On LinkedIn that's done by connecting with people via your Personal Profile.
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    Company pages are mostly for large companies that have many employees, you most likely have much more success using a personal page. People tend to like to connect to people not logos and business names. Company pages are passive in nature while personal pages should be more active.
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    Have you own personal profile and link it with your agency page.
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    Good day! I think it depends on what your target is. If you would want to represent only yourself, try to have a personal profile that displays your experiences and skills. But if you want to promote a company, it is better to have a company page.

    LinkedIn Group is ideal to be used to network with other individuals who have the same interest/ skill, etc. Hope this helps
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    I have past jobs and current projects/websites I'm working on, I haven't had the need to separate them really so far.

    Check out my store at:

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    Linkedin is a so difficult to lunched for marketing. I have already two account banded also my personal account.
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    I got 3 million views on my post last year on LinkedIn, without spending a dime.

    The Personal profile is at the moment the only place where people will actually see your posts.

    Company pages and linkedin groups are ghost towns, thought LI is slowly trying to revitalize them.

    Check out these two resources to start out with the right foot (both free):
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    You should give your bio according to your abilities and your persecution.It will give a positive impression to you.
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