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Hi guys!
I will be very thankful if someone can help me with that issue- hashtags.
I wanna know that my hashtags really work.
1. how do you find the best hashtags for image in specific niche?
2. how do you create the perfect combination of hashtags? (those popular and those that aren't competitive)
And the most important:
3. Do you know about a tool that analyze my specific hashtags? what I mean is that if I uploaded a photo with specific hashtags combination. I would like to know exactly the performance for each hashtag (and not the general people that came from all the "group" of hashtags)

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    There are some tools out there you can use for keyword and hashtag research. I think it also may just take some experimentation and searching on google and seeing how much traffic different keywords get. Is this for a website, business or on social media?

    Check out my store at:

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    A couple free analyzing tools include: RiteTag, Keyhole, Pixlee and Hashtagify.
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    To figure out the number of photos posted on a specific hashtag, simply type the word you'd like to use as a hashtag into the search bar on Instagram or other scial media account. Then check the number under the hashtag, as shown in the photo below. This number tells you how many photos using this hashtag are floating around Instagram right now.
    There are some tools so can can also check on it.
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    Both of them services analyze hash tags performance.
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    1. This is a very common question, so there will be lists all over Google. Type in "top ranking hashtags in [specific niche]". There will be no secrets here. If your niche is so specific that not a lot of hashtags exist, then start creating your own intuitive hashtags.
    2. Are you trying to use non competitive hashtags? Don't you want the most common hashtags to bring more attention to your posts? The perfect set of hashtags will be found in point number one.
    Many influencers will use the same set of hashtags over and over again because they are the highest ranking and....they work. No need to re-invent the wheel.
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    Use this RiteTag tool for hashtag this will help you.
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    Hi guys thanks for all!
    Well Im asking all of this questions in order to create the perfect combinations that will bring me the maximum engagement.. how do I do it?? I working for a boutique that sell luxury dresses, evening dresses, resort wear, bags..
    And what I mean by hashtags performance is if I have some combination, Am I able to see each hashtag activity? (after I posted it in some pic, so like analyze it after posting.. )
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    Instagram is best & high performed social platform which converting more sales in compare to others.

    #tag is most important factors

    Certainly there are some tools which are best in industry.

    Being digital marketer I personally tried and tested fews for me & my clients.

    When you use combiation of tools will increase more engagement, increase growth, reduce marketing cost etc etc..

    This is on of best with following features:

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      Hi Pratik,

      you just wrote "This is on of best with following features:" but didn't mention the tool Im curious haha.. so what is the name of the tool?
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        Originally Posted by Morielle Perez View Post

        Hi Pratik,

        you just wrote "This is on of best with following features:" but didn't mention the tool Im curious haha.. so what is the name of the tool?
        I think his system crashed or something like that. Haha

        Try using this https://hashtagify.me/
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    Maybe not related but just a heads up on Instagram hashtags. There are certain hashtags that are banned and not allowed. If you happen to use one, Instagram will penalize you by limiting your reach.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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