Instagram: is the follow/unfollow safe?

by bugzy
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I know there's a bot to do it but right now I'm doing it manually.

Is it safe? like does anyone here got banned because of excessively doing it?
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    Personally, I've never liked the follow/unfollow. I find it cheap. I think it's a straight up scheme to make your profile look better than it really is. I think it's better to create an actual valuable and appreciated profile and have people follow you, legitimately, instead of tricking them to think you're better than you are based on the number of followers you have.

    If you read the threads in this forum, quality trumps quantity. Every. Time. Focus on quality content and you'll never have to worry about the number of followers you have.
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    One marketer will tell you are basically stunting your growth doing this, you aren't genuinely growing your footprint. The next guy will tell you it is the best strategy that ever worked them. In my opinion, I agree with palmtreelife, I think it is an inefficient way to focus your energy.
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    No! Doing It manually won't get you ban but don't use any tools for it.
    and don't do it excessively 100 per day is enough.
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  • It won't get you banned, but it also won't get you quality followers. You'll end up with an account with a lot of followers, and very little engagement.
    As far as "influence" goes, you won't have any.

    Trust me, we've done the whole follow/unfollow thing before (up to 100k followers), and it's not quality followers.
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    My client has an instagram store "dresses". We're doing this by going to our competition's post (those followers who are actually buying and engaging) which is pretty obvious.

    We're not trying to be an influencer and we are not offering any service. All content / images are products that we're selling.

    Those who are now following us is actually engaging and sending us DMs for inquiries.

    I guess what you guys are trying to say here is case to case basis.
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    If there is too much activity in your account, even if you do it manually, IG will pick on that and might get your account banned. Personally, I don't like this "growth strategy" as some may call it. It works in the beginning, in the long run, engagement just dies out.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Actually you make it look natural when you use a bot.

    Excess of something is not a good idea anyways.

    If you use a bot and it goes crazy you might be in trouble.
    But it might not get you banned. It will get you shadow banned. Which is slightly worse.
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    As indicated by Instagram, to help lessen spam, Instagram does not enable anybody to pursue in excess of 7,500 individuals. As to limits, we find that with new records that just been dynamic for a couple of months, you can just pursue/unfollow around 20 clients 60 minutes, and a limit of 100-200 clients in multi day.
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