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Do you know of a good resource that explains how to get traffic from social media, please?

It needs to be for someone who doesn't use social media so it needs to start with the basics. Ideally, it needs to be simple enough for a one person business to use, so just one or two social media platforms explained well would be good.

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    Regularly share your content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. If there is such possibility to ask other people/friends/etc to promote your page, do it. Identify what makes you distinct from your competitors and make some experiment with videos (both prepared and live stream), infographics, and other kinds of content that will catch people's interest.
    But here I guess you can find more information about this question:
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    Try the digitalmarketer, tons of resources from beginner to advanced.
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      Definitely agree with the digitalmarketer website. If you don't understand social media marketing after studying the free resources on that website, you may need to consider other ways of making money. It's very detailed and and they walk you through every step without using too much technical jargon.
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    YouTube is a good source of information that people often neglect. It's where I first learned SEO, marketing and etc. Even until now it's still a place of learning, you might also want to check into that.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Thanks everyone - that's most helpful. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Facebook and Twitter are on the top of the list if you are only looking for the visitors to your website. Linkedin is best if you are looking for B2B leads. Understand your business requirement first because every social media platform serves in a different way.
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