I found influencers in my niche

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I searched and found different ways and tools to find influencers in my niche. So, I have found a few, what is the best way to interact and get them to share my content or even mention me.

I searched with many terms on Google but all roads lead to "Finding" influencers and not much on what to do once you find them

Thanks for any help you can offer
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    First of all, the Content you have; must be valuable enough to engage the audience which an influencer can see...

    You must know and let them know what everyone, all parties will be having once come together:

    Why you?
    Why your content?

    Many more questions...

    Prepare a proper doc/presentation that should be impressive enough.

    Contact via mail/call which ever is possible....

    BTW, there is a lot to know before telling you something, however I tried..

    Hopefully this will help.
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    Follow them across all of their platforms and interact with their content. Try to build a relationship first before asking for services, try to offer them some kind of value. Reach out via email, Be direct because yours and their time is valuable. Don't be overbearing and try to be brief, this a long with the the first poster's comments I think you can gather what you need to do.
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    If you have found ways to find specific influencers through tools (influencer marketing platforms), then it should also contain their email where you can directly and formally reach out to them.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    You've gotta provide them with value.

    Tell them to work for free so that you get the exposure and then with that exposure build more value to your already added value.
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  • What I recommend would be to build a relationship with them first.
    - Like their posts,
    - leave valuable comments
    - share their posts
    - tag them on posts that would interest them

    You have to gain their attention first. Show that you're a fan and you're interested in what they have to say.
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    Yes, you must acknowledge the fact that the influencers you have found are busy people. So you must go the extra mile to have them recognize you. Follow them on social media, tag them and re[ply to their posts. After some time, you will have established a rapport; it will help you to request for favors.
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      I totally agree with you. Success does not come quickly to him need to strive.
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    Don't be in a haste, it takes time to build a relationship. Don't just rush into requesting favors.
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    Take your time and keep engaging on their posts. What makes you stand out from the rest of the other brands that wants to be endorsed by them? It will take a while if you are not really that established as a brand yet. Be prepared with your product presentation once you are given the chance to be represented.
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    Do not hurry. Success does not come immediately. Watch influential people, start costing your strategy. Never copy content from others, create your own unique.
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