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Hey guys! I am having a recurring problem.

I keep getting into phases where I cannot post for a few days. By the sounds of it, it sounds like a shadow ban. But I'm not doing anything that would cause a ban.

I am in the comic book/ self help niche and I post life tips alongside peoples art. I always credit artists work and make sure I check the bios to make sure they allow their art to be reposted. Most of the artists I follow and are in contact with.

I don't use fake followers or likes. However I do use an auto poster but they say that they are an official partner with Ig and follow their rules so I shouldn't have a problem with them. (tailwind)

I also post 5x a day with hashtags so maybe this is the issue.

The ban usually lasts a few days and then it's back to normal. The problem is that is always hits me when my accounts doing really well and then I hit a slump after the bans been lifted. Im at 75k atm and have gained 2000 followers this week. Then boom! Can't post.

Anyone have this problem? I've cleared my cache. Reinstalled insta etc.
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    5x a day is fine, I don't think so that could be an issue, Try to contact them through their customer support services & explain your whole issue what's actually going on & what is the reason why it's happing, you could probably get your answers within few days.
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    Maybe you are reported as spam and hence you are not allowed to post? Could be, maybe hate-report from your competitor.
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    Did you contact tailwind about this issue if they have run into it before? It could be because of that or maybe you are using hashtags that are banned?

    I've never had that issue before. I've been shadow banned for following (manually) too fast daily.

    It also depends how old is your account and whether you have had shadow bans or if your account has been flagged before.

    Maybe don't post that much for few weeks or a month and see what happens.
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  • I think it might be a tailwind issue. I have used Tailwind and Gramblr to post on Instagram. And what I've noticed with 3rd party apps is that it doesn't post consistently. Some times, I'm not able to post for a couple of days but would have no problems when posting directly.

    When using Instagram, if you want consistency, you really need to do your posts directly on the app. There's no getting around it.
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