How to Create a Facebook RSS Feed for Public Facebook Pages (businesses, mostly)

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I have a Facebook page where I share deals and special promotions that I find. Some are local but many are national as well.

To make my deal-hunting easier so I can share better offers, I would like to aggregate all of the most recent posts in one place from Facebook pages I'm following. Then I can view this list of recent deals each day and cherry-pick the best from the entire mess of Facebook pages so I can share the best finds. (Or, ideally, I could organize them by type of deal - ex: food, entertainment, etc., and make themed posts sharing multiple deals, etc.)

Here is the problem:
1. Facebook doesn't allow Facebook pages to sort by "most recent" posts on your /pages_feed where all your liked pages show up. (Afaik) I just keep seeing posts from the past, say, five pages I've followed. Nothing from the original pages and no way to flag which ones I really want to see.
2. Facebook no longer allows RSS feeds from pages unless you use a paid service. (AFAIK)
3. Many of these paid services limit you to 100 links or fewer even when you pay beaucoup bucks. (Researched extensively)
4. The few free ones only allow you to create 1-5 RSS feeds and then they block further attempts. (Researched extensively)
5. It takes way too long to manually search for these deals by going to x # of Facebook pages manually. Even if bookmarked.

My questions:
1. How can I create or use a system to basically capture the RSS feed URL from Facebook and then post it into an RSS reader?
2. How can I do this for free or on the cheap? My page is just beginning and isn't optimized for income potential yet.
3. Is this even possible? It would make things so much easier and eventually more lucrative!

I've heard I might be able to do something with Facebook API graph or something like that, but this is all way above my pay grade. ;-)

Thanks in advance for any time and insight with this.
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