How to gain Instagram reach?

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I have an Instagram account with 20K followers. I know they are all real because I gained all of them by following and then unfollowing basically. I follow 300 people but when I upload photos I always return likes to whoever likes my photos to keep engagement.

I get about 300 likes per photo, but before Instagram changed its chronological algorithm and I had 12K followers I got at least 500 likes and up to 850 likes for good photos.

I have a "business account" so I can see insights and the reach it shows per photo is about 1,200-2,500 accounts. It's 10% of the people who follow me.

I can also see that only about 300 followers view my stories, which is really nothing!

I am so depressed because I never bought followers or faked them, and I read all the tools I could find online- use meaningful hashtags, repost my new photos to my stories to redirect followers to the photos, keep engaging with my followers etc, post on active hours that Instagram shows, I work so hard on my content to be the most beautiful possible, I design my feed to look beautiful, I write meaningful captions.

Nothing works. What can I do?
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    Instagram is a very indispensable platform for digital marketing. To increase your organic reach and presence on Instagarm, you can follow the following tips:

    1) Encourage your followers to interact your Instagram channel by postings.
    2) Figuring out the best time to post your content.
    3) Use right hashtags and other techniques to appear high on audience feed.
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    are you adding stories posts and engaging with a people every day?
    thats a key to get the best result! it has to be everyday

    also if you did any blackhat methods in a past It could be that Instagram put you on a black list ....
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    I think one of your problems is that you actually don't have real followers. You did the follow/unfollow approach for ALL of your growth?? A lot of people have their account set up on bots and they tell the bot to automatically follow those who follow them. Yes, some will eventually unfollow as well, building by the same unethical approach you have taken. However, some will stay....but they will NEVER engage with you because it's a bot and not a true follower.

    I've explained this before and you are experiencing's better to have 1000 truly engaged fans than have 20k followers who cannot buy from you because they're bots.

    I just started a new business IG account and so far I only have 150 followers, but I'm getting almost 150 likes per post and almost 20 comments. If I can maintain this type of engagement, extrapolate that out to 20k followers in a couple years from now, doing the same strategy I'm implementing today....which is NOT follow/unfollow or any kind of bot.
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      I did it years ago mostly before all bots came up. I already checked, 75% of my followers are real. They just don't interact.

      If I'm on Insta's black list, how can I get out of this list?
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    Everyone wants to increase their Followers on Instagram. But sometimes they are misleded or the make mistake on their posts.

    Here are Some Ways for Instagram Followers, that Helps You to Get More Followers on Your Instagram.

    1. Stick To A Consistent Posting Schedule.
    2. Switch To A Business Account.
    3. Use Hashtags To Their Full Potential.
    4. Connect Your Instagram On Other Social Networks.
    5. Use Instagram Stories Strongly.
    6. Collaborate And Cross-Promote With Others.
    7. Write Smart Captions.
    8. Helps Users Find Businesses.

    Thank You.
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    First thing you need to know is where your followers are coming from. As you have a business account insights would be able to tell you that. Then follow the below steps.

    1. Check what types of posts engage your followers the most (Likes to reach ratio)
    2. Perform a split test for a week to post similar content and see if the engagement improves.
    3. Use a 4 post a day formula where you post a story at peak times when people generally use the app.
    4. Find influencers in your niche and perform shoutout exchange with pages having similar follower count.
    5. There are much more ways but you need to figure out first where you want your followers to come from and then opt for options accordingly.

    Good luck
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    Doing follow unfollow doesn't guarantee you authentic followers. This strategy is also expected to have a low engagement rate simply because your followers aren't really what we can consider as "targetted" people who might be interested in your niche.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    I'm not well versed in "bots" on instagram but how do you know that all 20k of your followers are "real"? Is there any easy way for you to check this?
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    Your Objective on Instagram is to connect with your current audience and increase your following.Posting new,intriguing and engaging photographs will fulfil the main necessity yet to start developing you will observe hash tagging your photographsto be extremely important.Use good tools to schudule your posts to publish on the right time when your audience is active.
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  • HI friends
    Time is of the essence.
    Use the right hashtags.
    Explore the social side of Instagram.
    Curate user-generated content.
    Explore Instagram Stories.
    Use geolocation.
    Take a look at Instagram Ads.
    Collaborate with Instagram influencers.
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    Keep everything organic when adding profiles and always engage in their content. This will also gain the attention of other followers as well. And stop with the 'follow and unfollow' tactic. This is more of a negative.
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      Originally Posted by WF- Mark View Post

      Keep everything organic when adding profiles and always engage in their content. This will also gain the attention of other followers as well. And stop with the 'follow and unfollow' tactic. This is more of a negative.
      Agreed. "follow/unfollow" doesn't gain you targeted followers. It more likely gains you followers who could be just looking for a higher follower count, people also doing the "follow/unfollow" game. Your content should be enough to draw them in, not the promise of a follow back.
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    Experiment with videos.
    Host contests or ask questions to encourage engagement.
    Curate user-generated content.
    Tell Instagram Stories.
    Go live on Instagram.
    Use Instagram ads.
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    Have you tried talking to another influencer to try and shout each other out?
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    You can follow these 8 tip

    1 - Time is of the essence. ...
    2 - Use the right hashtags. ...
    3 -Explore the social side of Instagram. ...
    4 - Curate user-generated content. ...
    5 - Explore Instagram Stories. ...
    6 - Use geolocation. ...
    7 - Take a look at Instagram Ads. ...
    8 - Collaborate with Instagram influencers.
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  • I think you have to be more curious to learn idea and creativity. Other side, You can learn lot of innovative ideas from internet.
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    Here are some ways to gain Instagram reach:
    1. Start cross-posting your content
    2. Claim your Instagram account on Pinterest
    3. Embed your Instagram feed on-site
    4. Double-dip Instagram content on your blog
    5. Experiment with evergreen and trending hashtags
    6. Show off your static Stories
    7. Publish video content to IGTV
    8. Run your top-performing posts as ads
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    I would like to add one more method to increase your engagement.
    there are few groups which is called an engagement group where they comment on your post and in return you have to comment too this will increase your engagement rate and instagram will send more new people to your page.
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    Are you adding stories and sharing your taste with people every day?
    that's a key to get the first-rate result! it must be done daily.
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    You just described my dilemma. I have been buying IG ads but they don't work, it's a joke. I also switched to the business account and this is when it started to drastically go down. I am tempted to go back to private account and start following-unfollowing... i just don't know what else to do!
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    Posting at the right time and choosing the right hashtags are essential here.

    Once you have those two elements sorted, you should be interacting with accounts that are similar, interested, or directly related to yours.

    Get The Ultimate Instagram Marketing Guide from here ------->

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