How to generate leads through Facebook Ad campaigns?

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I am running the campaign. I am generating 7 leads with 7,464 being the impressions and 6,196 being the reach.
My Target Audience:
Interests: Construction management, Enterprise resource planning, Architectural engineering, SAP ERP, Construction or Enterprise software,
Job title: Building Construction Contractor, Industry: Construction and extraction

Daily Budget: 500
Potential reach:11,000,000 people

What more I can do to generate leads?
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    Just promote your post in various FB groups .Do classified ads in olx,quikr you can get more leads
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    Based on your given info, you have not shown you clicks here. Create actionable posts with attractive content. And be more specific about your targeted audiences(like their age, their income, etc). Don't ask for too much details in the lead form, because it breaks the trust on you(don't let them think why people are asking these details? keep it as simple as possible). last thing, test different creatives & forms.
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    How many advertisements have you run? I have a feeling you might need to run a few and compare them. Only change one or two variables at once. You might be surprised that your "demographic" might be slightly different than you think
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