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Pinterest has got some weird features that look quite chaotic. For example one of the daily chores is the following back of my new followers, and filtering out the fake accounts as well as I can. Pinterest does not make this easy, because the displayed information on my follower's page are fake.

Some time back I used to eliminate the fake followers by taking a look at the number of their boards and followers (without opening their profile). If they had 0 boards, especially in combination with several thousands of their followers, then I just blocked them.

But more recently the number of their boards displayed on my follower's page is simply wrong. There are many people displayed as having 0 boards, but when I open their profiles they actually have several boards and those also contain a decent number of pins.

Other times, some of these "claimed to have 0 board" people really don't have any boards. Therefore this fake information, the number of their boards is not only useless, but also misleading.

Is there anyone who has got some insight into the politics why this is so messed up?

One of the possible reasons could be that if we could make decisions from these data right on our follower's page then we would not need to open people's profiles, and then Pinterest would get fewer clicks (which supposed to prove how much people like to click about on their site, and give value to it).
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