Snapchat Trolls Instagram in New "Real Friends" Campaign

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Snapchat Trolls Instagram in New "Real Friends" Campaign

Snapchat has launched its first global media campaign, poking fun at follower-hunting and taking a firm anti-Facebook stance. The strongly branded messages flooding Instagram come via "Quotefluencers," recruited for their tendencies to post inspirational messages on the platform.

Amid widely publicized concerns over privacy on social media, Snapchat has moved to seize a moment when its popularity is rising - on the back of viral baby and gender swap lenses - to build on the 13-million daily users it gained in the most recent quarter.

As part of its media spree, Snapchat leverages words of wisdom from fifteen luminaries on billboards worldwide. The message being that intimate friendships nurtured on its plaform are more valuable than huge follower counts.

Alongside the Instagram quotes, Snapchat's inaugral paid media campaign takes in print, broadcast ads - and in a genius move, harnesses the persuasive power of the cupcake.

The platform's YouTube Channel looks at the stories of real Snapchat friends from twelve different countries. Short videos convey the power and intimacy of personal friendships developed on Snapchat.

Or, as Snapchat put it, "The "Real friends" campaign is designed to elevate the power of friendship, and celebrate Snapchat as the best platform for communication and self-expression with your real friends through the voice of Snapchatters and luminaries."

Keep Your Friends Close, Call Your Enemies Out on Billboards

Snapchat go on to say,"When we launched Snapchat more than seven years ago, it wasn't about capturing the traditional Kodak moment, or trying to look pretty or perfect. We wanted to create a way for our friends to express themselves and share however they felt in the moment."

Kodak moments aside, the Snapchat message is clear. It calls out what it views as a lack of genuine relationships on more public forms of social media - and that seems to have struck a chord with users on Instagram and Twitter.

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    Interesting. I genuinely knew not Snapchat was still around. Not being fresh or cold but just focused on a few core networks. Fascinating approach.
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    I don't know if snapchat is still as popular as before but then I guess maybe that's all there is to it, just trolling.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    i am new to snapchat guys, what is the new future about?
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    I know that Snapchat is a good app. But I do not use it so extensively. But the fact that they certainly started the war, then what will happen next)
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