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Hi there, I'm building an app that aims to help Twitter marketers to increase engagement, follows, and thus sales. Being a heavy Twitter user myself, I find myself doing certain things over and over again, like retweeting my old popular tweets, deleting my tweets with low engagement, posting promotional tweets over and over again, etc. I've decided to scratch my own itch by building an app to automate away all that busywork.

My question is would you find value in something like this? Or is it just me? Would you use it?

Also, what do you do on Twitter that you wish could be somehow automated? E.g. Bulk unfollowing, bulk following, auto-liking, auto-retweeting, etc. etc.
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    Over a year ago I bought software, Autosoci. Parts of it no longer function. I tried to add couple more twitter accounts without success, My experience with twitter software is that it works for awhile and then not. I use Autosoci to post ads and I think the following/following still work but not the engagement. For content. I use IFTTT.
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      I think the biggest issue is that the Twitter API rules keep changing, so these software become obsolete real quickly.

      This is also valuable feedback, thank you!

      Hi John! Thanks for your feedback.

      So basically my app will allow a simple analysis of which of your tweets have the highest engagement (e.g. replies, favorites, retweets) and then you can decide to do something with them:

      -You can retweet them on repeat based on a custom interval.

      -You can use it as a template of a new tweet and then tweet that out on repeat.

      -Or you can simply schedule a brand-new tweet on repeat.

      -You can set automation rules to delete certain tweets based on certain rules (e.g. if it has fewer than 3 favorites AND it has a certain hashtag, if it has no retweets AND it contains a link, etc.).

      If you tweet a lot, the default Twitter client is very cluttered and you can't sort your tweets based on engagement. The core idea is to double-down on what works, cut your losses on what doesn't, thus keeping engagement and feed quality high.

      May I PM you to talk about what you'd like the app to do?
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    , like retweeting my old popular tweets, deleting my tweets with low engagement,.
    If your app can do this and schedule it ahead of time, I would be interested.
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    Aruvin you can succeed with an app buddy. I find doing things manually helps me see more success on the platform. That's just me though.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    I used IFTTT a year ago and It worked but spammed my whole account so I ended it
    Now I tried it again and it didnt work out so now will try a different strategy
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      Thanks for your insight. What did you use IFTTT specifically for? What sort of automations did you find yourself using it for the most?
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    Yes, anything that can retweet old tweets and delete those with low engagement is acceptable. But as it has been mentioned, twitter software only works for some time. So if you can ensure it doesn't happen to your software, you will be ok.
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    If your having the issue then most likely is everybody else does the same thing. Sounds like your app will make things more efficient which is what most marketers look for. You can do some keyword research to see what the demands are. Give it a shot and who knows...
    Working to achieve higher results...
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