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Hey Warriors!

If you're interested in getting into video & content creation on social media, you should definitely check out this case study by Instagram.

They recently released an infographic showcasing Food & Travel Publisher - Thrillist's
success with IGTV.

After 6 months of Trial & Error, Thrillist discovered their sweet spot for their content strategy and experienced a 29X Increase in their Avg Video Performance.

The key takeaways from their success with IGTV:
... Throw everything at the wall and see what sticks
... Less Polished Content = More Engagement
... Write your IGTV Titles like Instagram Social Copy
... Optimize for Sound Off Experiences ie. Subtitles or Music
... Timing & Video Length (focus on quality of story versus length of video)

Photo Source: @MattNavarra
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    Most of their "discoveries" are exactly what some members of this forum have been saying for years. Makes you wonder?
    In the minute it took me to write this post.. someone died of Covid 19. RIP.
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      Some of their concepts are pretty common but I think it's different with IGTV specifically.

      When it first came out, everybody was scrambling to jump on it thinking it would be the next big thing and trying to grow their audience there.

      Lots of brands and creators eventually just stopped using it because there was a steep learning curve. A lot of people thought creating vertical high production & long-form original content was the way to go but it seems like that's not really the case nowadays.

      The most interesting part of their case study for me is the social copy as the title & and the visual element for IGTV,
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    Interesting read. Looking into giving it a try until we can learn more of this.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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