Is Facebook killing Messenger Chatbot Marketing?

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Hey Warriors!

In Facebook's most recent change log updates, they announced that apps and marketers have until January 15th, 2020 to migrate to the new policy:
  • 24+1 is becoming just "24" - Before, you could send users as many messages as you wanted within the first 24 hours of their last interaction and after the 24 hours, you could send 1 more message for free. Now, that Facebook is getting rid of the "+1", you can only send messages to during the 24 hours of their last interaction.
  • Facebook is removing Subscription Messaging permissions - Facebook will no longer allow unpaid promotional messages. (Only News Organizations have access to this now)
  • Facebook is reducing their 17 tags to four new non-promotional tags: Live Care, Account Update, Confirmed Event Update, and Post-Purchase Update, and possibly a few others. This one is a great update as they are a lot more clear compared to the old tags.
This essentially means that Facebook Messenger Bots will basically be a pay-to-play market after this. The free broadcasting options like Subscription Based Messaging and 24+1 are being removed so the only way to send a promotional message is through Sponsored Message Ads.

What are your thoughts with these new updates? Is Facebook shooting themselves in the foot with these changes? Or do you think this will be useful in the long-run?

View the full announcement here:
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    Well I am not surprised by this one the one hand it will surely increase quality of broadcasted messages, but on the other, they will just squeeze more money from people
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    I think it will be usefully in the long run as a reasonable number of people will stepdown and give room for more quality broadcast from those that can afford it.
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    I think it will be useful
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