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I everybody I´m about starting to make my firsts adds in Facebook!

Like i have a generic store (selling distinct category of products), how facebook adds works better?

-one video for just one product i choose from my store;

-one carousel of images with various products in the carousel, showing my best products.

For the last one (carousel) works better all the products be from the same category of products or mix all the products from different categories?

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    Switch your strategy .Create native facebook ads .In other words create ads that spark engagement.The more engagement you get the higher your impressions will be and your cost per click will diminish.Let your content be the ad instead of advertising your products and services directly.
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    Also, you can try storytelling. Telling a story about your brand and the problem that your product solves. From experience, people tend to engage with an advert when they feel they are not being sold to.

    Thank you.
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    Find the proper objective based on the niche.
    Create a cracking strategy
    Fire a bursting ads
    Continue your celebration by leads.

    Happy Festival Facebook Ads
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