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Check social media channels, and you'll find bamboo-laden merchandise. For instance, I have a bamboo tumbler which I use for coffee. There are bamboo toothbrushes, undergarments made from that ubiquitous grass, and even a bamboo bicycle.

It's become so ubiquitous that, my question is - why bamboo? Why not other alternatives? Why not wood from a tree that's easy to plant/regrow? On another note, will we be seeing more sustainable products? How will social media influencers factor in?
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  • Interesting. Thanks for making us aware of this trend. Perhaps bamboo has certain physical properties that enable it to be easily transformed into products that people can use, whereas with wood from a tree it would be more difficult.
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    maybe bamboo is by name is very much sound unique and if you call bamboo toothbrushes that sound interesting in social media always those thinks got viral who have something odd unique or something like that people never viral a toothbrushes until they are somthing unique.
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    Bamboo is a great option for sustainability! It is a grass (not a tree) that grows quite rapidly (up to 3 feet in 24 hours!), requires little water to grow, absorbs a lot more carbon than trees and creates a lot of oxygen. It's also super durable, light and composts naturally in the environment.

    Now more than ever, we need our planet's trees. So lets leave them in the ground and choose the alternatives that are arriving everyday

    I've seen (or maybe just because I've joined in) more eco-conscious social media influencers. It seems also people can more easily convert to these practices with the help and inspiration of influencers... What do you think?
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    It's not that new - been seeing the trend for 10 years or more....bamboo is flexible in what it can be used for - not only renewable but extremely fast growing.

    It's also great overhyped...
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