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Twitter announced that users can now hide replies for users in Japan and US. With this, users can now hide replies which are irrelevant, spammy, abusive, or otherwise nonsense responses.

Your thoughts?
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    I think it's a good decision to stop spamming or abusing but there are some disadvantage too of this that is if a user told the reality of the regarding a person in the comment then he will also count as abusive which is not or highlight some person guilty... it's my opinion
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    I think it is good decision for stop spamming or abusing the user.
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      It's on the link on my post

      Originally Posted by Manshu Khan View Post

      when twitter announced?
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    This is a really good feature announced by twitters, user can hide the abusing and spamming replay. But this feature only for Japan and USA, I think this feature should apply all over the world.
    announced date 16 September.....
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    Don't think its a good feature as that way the advantage may go to the bad ones who actually deserve unbiased comments about them. Earlier too, there was an option to report to Twitter or ban user. So, this feature is going to help those who could be uncovered earlier with ease.

    Just my thought....
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  • in my opinion, it was a better way to control spam and fraudulent comments on your account to improve your service loyalty amoung your online audience.
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    This is good but why only particular countries. I think they give this feature every users.
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      They might be putting it under trial. If they deem that the trial is effective then they can roll it out globally.

      Originally Posted by Frank mono View Post

      This is good but why only particular countries. I think they give this feature every users.
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    I think the intent is good. Anything like this has the potential to be abused, but in general, it's good. Hopefully it will help to discourage spam.
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  • This feature has bad and good sides, good one will be of course that you can hide spam, vulgar replies, but looking on the other side of medal some people will "abuse" it to hiding correct criticism and that may be called censorship. Personally I don't think so it's a good move, if you notice spam or someone is insulting another person in replies then you can just report, which is much better option for me instead of hiding it.
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    This one is one of the best udpate by Twitter for the privacy purpose. Twitter updates basic changes for users to make twitter more easy as use.

    This featues will be released in just few countires but as this featues would performe well it will be released in more countries.
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    I guess that it is a good feature, but then again it still depends on the user. As for me, I just simply ignore the unwanted messages/replies that I received.
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