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In June 2018, Instagram launched Instagram TV (, a standalone video app comparable to YouTube. It has a standalone app, but any Instagram user can watch IGTV videos on the app, as well as create their own IGTV channel, and share these to their followers and the public. Its initial release however, wasn't too popular. For one, Instagram Stories worked. While you can't post a story for more than 15 seconds long, it was tapped by marketers and advertisers because it quickly reached their intended market. The lack of monetization options also plagued the platform, giving creators less incentive to advertise.

Recently however, IGTV has seen increased usage with influencers and content creators uploading "episodic content" which would put IGTV at par with YouTube and maybe even Facebook.

Do you think IGTV will be another monetization platform for advertisers to tap on?
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    It is highly monetized already but not directly, most clients I've worked with like to make it very descrete by giving the influceners the product or introducing them to the service and making them advertise it in a subtle way. Maybe they mention it in their vlog or wear it, but not exactly screaming "buy this, buy this". Everyone is getting smarter, including the audience.
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