Networking online as a freelancer?

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Do you guys have any tips on networking online with other freelancers in your niche (web development / wordpress for me)? Referrals from overflow work can be a great source of jobs but I live in Thailand as an American, so local networking is non-ideal.

One idea I've heard is to post regularly on relevant Slack channels, which I definitely intend to do. Open to any other ideas you guys have.
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  • Hello! If you want to find some work to do start searching on the websites (companies) which can provide you with job. You can offer to work for free at first as an interenship if it is fine for you. But I guess it can be good
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    Hi Delta223. I work as a freelance front end developer and server administrator. I face similar changes. But, I think the main problem I face is time management. I don't live in a city either, so the local network is not ideal for me. One suggestion from me will be to engage in forum discussions on freelancing sites. It is likely that there will be many individuals on your specific niche. I am sure that you also can get more jobs by networking with other freelancers in your field. I am not good with wordpress, but sometimes I get clients asking me for wordpress development.
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    I've had the best luck with quality clients by networking on LinkedIn. The key is to spend a good amount of time each week making new quality connections, and nurturing those connections into relationships. Also, make sure your efforts are consistent.

    You want to do a little bit of everything. Add new connections, send them helpful messages once in a while, post content, join and engage in some groups, endorse people in your network, and so on.

    It takes some time and patience, but it does work and you will start to see lots of opportunities come up for you.

    I'm looking for BETA testers for my software

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