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Each time I change something on the ad when I'm creating campaign it post some random post on my fc page!! Then it shows me ' this post go against out policy' I got like 10 accounts and pages banned cus of this, I checked trillions times there is nothing wrong in what I'm doing just god damn simple text and simple links, why this bug happen ??
Help will be greatly appreciated
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    It's not a bug. Facebook might have deemed your posts to have been really going against Facebook's policies.

    For the sake of discussion could you also share with us what you're trying to post on Facebook?
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    So, what's the other side of the story? There must have been something you did at some point which triggered the fb system to deem your campaigns against their policy.

    What type of products are you promoting?
    Are you cloacking?
    Did you have a previously disabled ad account?
    Any oast issues with billing?
    What was your ads score?

    Tell us more so we can help.
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