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AI. Chatbot. Machine learning. Deep analytics. These are some of the trends we've heard the past several months defining the tech landscape, and which are all shaping how us marketers push our products to our customers.

Among these is are chatbots which, according to, "can improve marketing, reduce marketing costs, improve ROI, and make marketers' lives easier."

With this, have you started exploring and/or integrating chatbots in your website? Customer touchpoints? Facebook Messenger (if any)?
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    I used to set up a Telegram chatbot for a company. It can easily auto-answer many follower's questions, it can let your user participate in contest, taking a survey then give out a reward or qualifying your potential clients and many more features.
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    Chatbots have made a marketer's job easier than before. With them being able to answer queries, to tracking queries and providing solutions 24/7, it is nothing short of a marvel for marketers. We do have a chatbot on our site and it has given us exceptional results. An AI-development company understands the complexities of building one and helping you leverage the power of chatbots to reach your goals.
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