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I don't have to say this over and over, but every business needs social media to sell and compete today. Without social media, a business simply won't flourish.

That being said, even if you do have verified accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter, it's not like you can just post and share whatever content you want. You can't just start engaging your followers without knowing what kind of content you want to put out. Heck, I can't just post this to Warrior Forum without reviewing and thinking through what I'm supposed to write. Here are some ways to get your social media followers engaged and interested.

Have a well-defined visual identification system.

A good graphic arsenal will definitely make your Facebook page stand out. What do Apple and Microsoft have in common whenever they announce a new device to their customers? Their visual identities. Their images and visual system pretty much sets the tone.

Highlight active followers

You can gamify your followers and have a leaderboard or something showing the top 10 active community members. Facebook also has a Top Fan badge which will show up next to a page follower's name. You can also read more about managing this Facebook feature here: https://www.facebook.com/help/340991076472172/.

Create authentic, original content.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You might also be held liable for copyright infringement or plagiarism. Brainstorm with your content team what discussion or topic to share.

Respond to queries.

Some people view a business's social media page to air concerns and find support, so it's best to respond to these queries. Make a concerted effort to respond to comments and responses, and don't even think about ignoring them. Sending a personal message helps too.

Drip feed your customers.

Drip marketing is especially useful when you are about to make a major announcement, or launch something big. I follow a certain pop band on Facebook, and whenever they make announcements whether they have a brand-new single coming out or ticket sales for their concert, they send me drip content via Messenger. Drip feeds also help build the hype - instead of announcing everything at once, you build anticipation and your followers get even more excited.

Educate your audience.

For example, you can post an "on this day" with any important historical event. You can also share insights on whatever you're good at, which greatly helps building your reputation and brand authority.
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    Follow these 5 steps to engage your social media followers.
    1. Create engaging content. Basically people prefer videos. Even for information, prefer infographics.
    2. Reply to their comments, queries, and question quicker. This indicates that you really care about them.
    3. Give valuable information and also different from your fellow people Why? well people get bored of same things being told again and again.
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    By far the best strategy i know to connect with those who are itchy buyers of your business or offers....is engaging through attraction marketing, knowing your customer avatar.
    knowing those buying triggers that attack the emotions of interested prospects is the key.
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