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I'm currently having problems with posting to my account and getting the reach that I want. Long story short I have an original Instagram account with all my own photos and content, but because of the way I advertise (through comments) I must have been flagged too many times and shadow banned. It won't let me create new accounts, people aren't seeing my posts and my comments get moved to the bottom. It's not offensive or anything like that so I don't really understand what's going on with it. Can anybody give me some tips to setting up an in home proxy or VPN so I can get my page back to normal if possible? Thanks.
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    i recommend yoga vpn
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    Yeah, probably Instagram has targeted your IP, instead of an individual accounts. However, I'd say you're lucky in this case, because if your account was banned or suspended, that would basically be it. When it comes to using instagram, I'd suggest going for a proxy, instead of a vpn. You should look for a provider with large residential IP pool, as these are the go-to for Instagram. To give you a heads up, check this article out I assume you don't have a big budget, as all providers listed there are great, look into the cheapest or most affordable option for you. Good luck!
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      Thanks this helps a lot. The proxies in the link you posted are way more expensive than I was thinking they would be. This is what most people are using?? I was thinking I could get a good one for like 10$ a month. Even if I do get a proxy, is there a good chance my account could get banned for using one?
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      • Yeah, I've seen that review page as well.

        There's a review on a provider Blazing seo by Proxyway - be sure to check it out, as it costs next to nothing.
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  • I recommended Fly VPN
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    Are you managing multiple accounts on a single IP address? That might be the cause for your IP being blacklisted. While a VPN would provide you access to many different locations with just a click of a button I would not recommend using it if you intend on using a single IP address for the account you are managing as VPN providers routinely rotate their servers and you could not depend on a single server staying there throughout your subscription (unless you purchase a dedicated VPN server that is)
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    I actually would suggest using Instagram proxies in this case. These proxies will give you different IP addresses and will help to bypass various restrictions and you will be able to connect to your account or to create a new one. And using paid services, even if it looks more expensive, would be the best choice since paid providers, such as Smartproxy, GeoSurf and so on provide you with IPs that aren't abused and can be safely used on Instagram.
    I also would suggest using automatic tools to increase the engagement on your account and promote your personal brand in a safe way. There are many great tools for this case (my personal favorite is Jarvee) and that would make your work way easier.
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