Snapchat gains traction outside US

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In a report written by Quartz, Snapchat revealed it added 7 million new active users. While its user base of 210 million pales to Instagram's 1 billion active accounts, those 210 million shouldn't be disregarded by marketers.

Of particular interest too, is that only 1 million of these new users are from North America, and Snapchat has seen a 40% increase in new users in India since opening their new office in Mumbai.

Snapchat however still has a long way to go. Despite its growing user base, it still posted a loss of more than $228 million for the quarter. Its top competitor, Instagram is still soldiering on, while TikTok is playing catch-up with new augmented reality features its users can use.

Let's see how marketers can maximise these apps and develop strategies to penetrate their market.
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    I might be getting old but I don't really get Snapchat. A mate and I both installed it on our phones to see what it's all about but couldn't really make sense of it or see the appeal. It might be because we are both in our mid-thirties, though.
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