How did AirPods become mainstream?

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Back in 2016, when the Apple AirPods were first introduced, it was ridiculed by media outlets, the tech industry, and made into a meme on social media.

Fast forward to 2019, it has sold over 35 million AirPods as of 2018 and has taken a dominant market share of the Wireless Hearables Market. It has even become a "status" symbol to some groups of people. Ie. in the video below (a bit exaggerated but you get my point).

What do you guys think happened that dramatically impacted the perception of the AirPods? And did you guys have similar thoughts when it first came out?

Honestly speaking, when the AirPods was first announced I had my doubts but once I tried on a pair from my friends, the user experience and good reviews was what really sold me on the product.
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    I am an Airpods user and I believe it is well connected to apple's devices. I use SONY WH1000XM3 and sometimes it doesn't connect well with my devices. But Airpods is not noise-canceling and as time goes by the charging box gets dirty and it's hard to clean
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    The same situation was with me, when I was heard about Airpods I thought it will look silly if I will use it infront of the people but then when I watched a lot of people using it then I started using it and now I loved it they are nice, according to my thought
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    honestly not a fan, they just look weird
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