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An article on tackles the use of emojis in branded campaigns, and how smartphone users in particular receive these campaigns positively.

According to a survey by mobile app engagement provider Appboy, mobile users in the UK and US aged 14 and older viewed brands positively when using emojis in messages. Furthermore, 39% thought that brands which use emojis are fun, and 13% respondents perceive brands as relatable.

There of course are negative perceptions, with 12% thinking that emojis are childish, and another 11% deeming them as inappropriate.

The use of emojis too, add spice and flair to the message. For example, the NBA released emoji hashtags for each of the 30 basketball team branding.

What about you? What is your favourite emoji? How will you use emoji
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    Highly depends on the age group you're attempting to engage IMO
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    How did they come to know how people viewed companies?

    And how is that relevant?

    I ask because I was asked in a survey to choose which companies I had a favorable opinion of and I did. But I never bought from those companies and do not intend to.

    There are companies I do not have a good opinion of whose products I have bought and will buy again. I have a favorable opinion of their products, I think their leadership are sucky people, the people I deal with are ok or better.

    So, it's complicated.
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    Emoji's widespread effect on multiple human sciences areas the business as they empower emotional expression and allow a greater sense of identity.
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  • Depends on how old you are and what kind of business you are running. For me, like the 12% - I think it's childish. I can't take someone seriously if they use emojis. That has more to do with the culture I was brought up in than anything else.
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