Has anyone noticed Facebook has gone super strict in the past few months?

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I've had a few pages unpublished due to "abnormal behaviour" meanwhile I've done nothing different or even borderline sketchy.

I've heard others have had similar issues with pages, groups and person accounts

A few people I know suspect this could be related to the upcoming election and pressure around that
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    They are under a lot of political pressure and are doing sweeping bans. I would guess there will be a lot of collateral damage.

    Another caveat about putting effort into platforms you don't control.
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    Not only Facebook, but also Instagram has been a lot more strict lately. They are removing any feature related to user's pricavy and they are adding more and more stric options daily.
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    have you tried cloaking?
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    I have one that makes no sense. Maybe someone here has a thought. I run Facebook ads constantly. Spend thousands a month. When we tried to start ads on Facebook lead forms, they kick back saying we're trying to sell data to a third party. We're not. They all come to us, and never get shared. Problem is, no matter what I do, I can't talk to anyone, even in the appeal...they just deny it. Love to know if anyone has any thoughts on this one.
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