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Hi All,
I have recently started marketing on Youtube, but it seems that you need a heap of backlinks to get high rankings.
I know how to optimize it with keywords etc, but what is the best way to go about getting good backlinks?
What methods are you guys using?
Is there Software available that does this?

Love to hear your thoughts on ranking in Youtube.

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  • Anyone??
    I am sure there are some Youtube experts in here?
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    It helps, but it's really about the content of your video. You can do keyword research to determine the best video titles to use and well as YouTube searched for phrases. If you have a good number of followers on your Facebook page in your niche/subject or related subject, then posting there will get you a lot of views. I have hundreds of thousands of views on videos on a channel I put up when YouTube first started.

    In my title I tend to use the main keyword and related keywords. I do the same for the description & tags. Put the videos in your blog and in your email marketing, send out a daily or weekly link to the blog post.

    About a month ago I created a new channel and the view count on those 10 videos has been going up also. I've posted in social media a lot, but the videos get found organically also because the subject matter is not a huge subject with lots of competition. I notice if I go into a competitive niche then I get zero views, no matter how much optimisation I do.
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    What are your videos about?
    Whose clients would find them useful (I am talking about website owners who are not direct competitors of yours.)?

    Let's say your videos are about raising an autistic teenage daughter. What other types of subjects interest such mothers? I would look for websites that have anything to do with parent/child relationship; how to get your child to survive middle school, how to get your child to get better grades in school, clothes for teens, shoes for teens, music for teens, etc. and contact the owners and tell them you can provide them useful content for a mere link to one of your videos / website pages.

    If your videos are worth anything, you will have takers.
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    You can use Channel Keywords ,Video Title ,Video Description ,Video Tags ,Video Quality and finally, never forget to offer informative, valuable and unique content to your audience that address their needs.
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    Hi, @Michael Harrington although I'm not a Youtube Expert yeah from ranking and optimization point of few I can give you a few suggestions that could be helpful.

    First, of all, I would like to say Youtube is a perfect marketing tool reason being, it is the world's second most popular search engine as per JumpShot.

    But as per your question, I want to inform you that unlike Google, YouTube does not use backlinks and other such signals to rate a piece of content. But the only signal they use is Audience Retention.

    Youtube optimization for ranking the videos and increasing those numbers for views and subscriptions can be achieved by the help of following steps:
    #1 Keyword Research
    Yes, whether it is Youtube or Google potential keywords play an important role in making your content rank. Our first approach as a YouTuber should be to find a list of keywords that relate to our media content.

    Video search queries can be done in the following ways (if there are any other steps you know please tell me):

    Youtube Autocomplete
    Everyone is aware of this as it has been a dedicated feature in the search year for decades. But many do not observe it as a perfect tool for generating keywords that could make your content rank on top.

    You can also check and create a list of keywords by analyzing your competitors' keywords. Follow these simple steps:
    • Go to your competitors
    • Click on the video section
    • Select the most popular category
    • Analyze the first few videos for title and description.

    You can also check the tags of your competitor with the help of your HTML page of your competitors' page.

    If you are looking for a keyword tool, I came across this tool that could be helpful.
    Keyword Tool ->> vidiq

    #2 Adding Perfect Keywords
    Now is the time of adding keywords that could be best suited for your video content. The keywords should be low in competition but still, have a good search volume.

    You can take the help of the Google's about section which is seen just below the search bar under all section:

    Try placing different keywords from your keyword list and select those for which this number is not too high.
    #3 Create Videos for Good Audience retention
    As I have said earlier, Audience retention is the only ranking factor for YouTube so here is where you lay your main focus

    Here are 3 simple tips for increasing video retention:
    • Start Your video by giving a brief summary or introduction. It is all about defining the goal of making the video to your audience.
    • Instead of talking things here and there just jump into the right content.
    • Try adding open loops in your video that can make the viewers curious and make them engage.
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    You can get high rank your YouTube video just following simple 7 steps below.

    1. Video Duration: Make video minimum 5 minutes and maximum as you can. Make sure the video is informative and people want to watch it until end.

    2. Give a catchy title which should have your keyword.

    3. Write proper description as likes blog post with minimum 300 words. Your keyword must have in the description.

    4. Use the keyword as hashtag on description

    5. Tag also have the keyword.

    6. Share the video on other social media site and blog.

    7. Get engagements as much as possible.
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      Yes, this the best way to promote your youtube channel or videos. Thanks for sharing this info.
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    Seems like when you google internet marketing, seo, etc you see the same names and/or companies over and over again. I think its more about money than content. Some of the best content I have seen on YouTube in relation to internet and affiliate marketing has lesser views and are not found at the top of the search rankings for the specific keywords I search for.

    I think when you have a lot of money for advertising your able to leap frog some of the better content out there.
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    Backlinks are not the basis to rank your video in youtube but the views and engagements from your interesting and beneficial video will most consider to present your content in youtube rankings or search results.
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    • This is not totally true. While views and engagements are a part of it, backlinks make a BIG difference. Both for ranking AND for driving views to the video to begin with. Youtube sees when you bring people to their platform and reward it.

      For instance, this video was shared by a large blog in my industry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPv505BDD7I

      I went from 2k subs and struggling to like 10k subs in a couple weeks - All because a BACKLINK sent people to the video. As a result, youtube started ranking the video #1 for that keyword.

      Not all backlinks are equal, and it's not the only secret to showing up in search, but it's still important enough to pay attention to. Without backlinks, my channel never would have taken off.
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