Instagram is finally hiding likes

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About time that Instagram can now hide likes from public accounts. You see - it has always been used as a metric for popularity (the more likes one has, the more popular they are).

That measuring popularity based on likes alone is shallow and superficial. Many influencers bank on how many people like their posts to brag popularity. Heck, even certain schools have projects where the more likes a student gets, the higher the final score is. That's just complete nonsense.
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    Some countries don't hide linkes. Ex: I'm living Vietnam and using Instagram every single day , I saw many posts and I saw liked.
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    That measuring popularity based on likes alone is shallow and superficial.

    I'd argue that much of social media is, by nature, shallow and superficial. Seems to me several social media platforms are trying ot find a way to measure popularity that APPEARS to be less shallow and superficial. Will it work?

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    I haven't heard about the school thing, it does sound like a nonsense, however, hiding likes screws up a bunch of people, not only influencers. While I do see why they did it I also see negative points.
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    it hasn't been rolled out worldwide yet.
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    Likes have been gone in New zealand for months now. You can still see in internet apps like chrome etc though
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    i am not sure about it as for me all is ok ,maybe its depend on country ,or instagram making changings ,fixing sometimes ...a lot of answers on this...
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  • Yes Good Thing we will see
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    I heard this as well. Aside from hurting people's feelings, does anyone have an idea on how it will impact the marketing world on Instagram?
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    Not everywhere, its hiding only on personal profile, just turn your profile to business and you'll see them
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    Hiding not only likes, but also posts. I've had experience with this
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  • Well that is going to definitely change the marketing game a bit. It will now be more difficult for marketers to find and target their audiences.
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    Can't wait for think feature in my country.

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    Oh wow, it's crazy that this method of populartiy is used for grading in schools. They should be teaching about the psychological risks and not encourage it...
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    I haven't heard about the influence of likes in certain schools, but I totally agree that it's nonsense. I guess why Instagram is now hiding likes. But, to my mind, some Instagram comments can hurt people's feelings even worse.
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