Instagram automation tool?

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I have one fitness account (all original content, I own the rights) and am looking for an automation tool to help grow it.
- likes
- follow/unfollow
- hashtag search
- auto post (schedule all posts for the week)
- online
-$10 or less

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    It's not that easy to bot nowadays as IG got very strict.
    I used to use followliker but haven't used it since they started to change monthly.
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    Instagram prohibits the use of bots and earlier this year they did weekly algorithim updates to extinguish bots almost entirely. If you have to share your username or password with a service you will be flagged, and possibly lose your account entirely.

    I built my IG page manually all of 2019 and it is time-consuming. I did use the Captivate app and the Cleaner app for awhile but when I got flagged by IG for using them I stopped immediately.

    IG also has a 'page health' grade they give accounts and when you are flagged or reprimanded a bunch of times it lowers your page's value. I would assume this means it would be more challenging to grow following and engagement, too.

    They are also in the process of rolling out HUGE changes in the US right now and everybody's engagement has suffered the last couple of weeks.

    The one service I think is safe, for now, is But if you only have $10 to spend, you are better off doing it yourself. It's a slow process, but it's worth it if you want real engaged followers and not just going for the ego trip of having a lot of followers.

    If you are building an actual business, spend the time and do it. You'll learn a lot about your potential clients and how to better serve them. Totally worth it for big picture.
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    Yeah man. I actually used a bot tool to help on of my IG accounts about two years and it worked for awhile. helped me get up a few thousand followers. But, once I heard about accounts getting banned for it I stopped. I did try megafollow on a newer account recently and It got banned so I would be careful.
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