Videos are a necessity in every social content

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We are more likely to watch 30-second videos than read five-paragraph posts. Unlike before when embedding videos were optional, now it's pretty much mandatory for every social page to have at least one fresh video uploaded weekly.

Some insights:
  • Nearly 50% of videos are watched on a mobile device
  • Videos up to two minutes have high engagements
  • More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube daily

Personally, when I open Twitter for news updates I just watch a two-minute video summary of anything latest rather than read a long Twitter thread discussing current affairs.
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    True, personally I find it tiresome to read a long block of text as opposed to watching catchy visuals of the same topic.
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    I completely agree. If I'm learning to use a new tool or I don't understand how to operate a certain application, the first thing I do is open up a YouTube tutorial.
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  • I completely agree
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    It's funny I find it easier reading than watching videos.
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    I disagree. It definitely depends on what I am searching for at the time. Most of the time, I prefer to read some content rather than watch a video, but that's just me I guess. I hear long posts are coming "back in" but I'm not so sure about that.
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    Yea i think the video its the most effctive way of marketing and comunication with people .For me personaly instead of reading a blog or reading an email i prefere way more to watch a video .Thats way majority of products have a video on their sales page
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    Yes..videos are greater impact on people than a article.
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    Videos has been the people's main source of legibility and interest.

    It keeps everything interesting, vibrant, and dynamic. It is also the foundation of advertising. This is where you can start.
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  • If I can control the video... fast forward, it can be awesome but I cannot stand videos that do not give the viewer the controls. I was looking at a video where the speaker just went on and on about his family, etc. I wanted to get to the meat. I would have opted to read this information so I could scan it quickly and decide if I wanted it or not.
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  • yes, I agree with that because humans can easily remembered things those are visualized than reading so much ads can create more traffic in search engines.
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    that is true. that is why I am trying my best to have all my social media account be exposed thru explainer videos.
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