Facebook and Instagram outages

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For the umpteenth time this year, Instagram and Facebook once again experience downtimes. And it came at the most opportune time - Thanksgiving.

Just this year, both social platforms have been reported to experience outages. It's just odd no, that the arguably largest social network is experiencing multiple downtimes.
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    I FEEL like quitting facebook even though is my first month
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      Is this in respect to being a consumer or a business? As a business, it may be harder.
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    FB is always slow as molasses in January.
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    So we have experienced maintenance for Facebook and Instagram again lately. It also has gone down on Thanksgiving.

    Will we be expecting this for the rest of the holidays?

    What are your thoughts?
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    There appears to be a chief outage impacting Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook itself. Update: As of approximately nine:30 AM Pacific the services ...
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    Users from specific elements of the world took to Twitter on Tuesday to file issues using Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, such as numerous components within the US and the UK.
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    yeah, heard about it... no idea why they can't fix it.
    I never experienced outages but at times fb is very slow for me.
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